Special Terms in Yamaka

There are special terms in Yamaka.

The followings are the meaning of the terms:

1. Anuloma (positive) and Paccanīka (negative)

2. Anuloma (regular) and Paṭiloma (reverse)

3. Pucchā (question) and Vissajjana (answer)

4. Sanniṭṭhāna (certainty) and Saṃsaya (uncertainty)

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Brief introduction to Yamaka

Below are the first two files that for you to download. They are the brief introduction to Yamaka - The Book on Pairs.


Personal Notes:

The 10 chapters of Yamaka as below:
1. Mūla Yamaka (Pairs on Roots),
2. Khandha Yamaka (Pairs on Aggregates),
3. Āyatana Yamaka (Pairs on Bases),
4. Dhātu Yamaka (Pairs on Elements),
5. Sacca Yamaka (Pairs on Truths),
6. Saṅkhāra Yamaka (Pairs on Formations),
7. Anusaya Yamaka (Pairs on Latent States),
8. Citta Yamaka (Pairs on Consciousness),
9. Dhamma Yamaka (Pairs on Dhamma),
10. Indriya Yamaka (Pairs on Faculties).