Brief Introduction to Samudaya

Pāḷi Text:
Samudayo samudayasaccanti: samudayasaccaṃ ṭhapetvā avaseso samudayo, na samudayasaccaṃ. Samudayasaccaṃ samudayo ceva samudayasaccañca. Samudayasaccaṃ samudayoti: āmantā.

Samudaya = All types of cause and conditions / cause and condition. Kilesa are called samudaya too. Samudaya means the cause of suffering. Avijja also the cause of suffering. All akusala citta are cause of suffering. Kamma are cause of suffering. Nibbana is excluded, it is just an object.

Samudayasacca = only craving (tanha)

Sayadaw quotes text in Dhammacakka Pavattana Sutta:
"Idam kho pana bhikkave dukkhasamudayo ariyasaccam, yayam tanha ponobhavika nandiraga-sahagata tatra tattabhinandini. Seyathidan? kamatanha bhavatanha vibhavatanha."

"Now this, monks, is the noble truth of the origin of suffering as may rightly be understood by the Ariyas. It is that craving that leads back to birth. It is consisted of lure and lust. It lingers longingly now here, now there. This craving may be classified into three categories, namely, the craving for sensual pleasures, the craving for eternal life and the craving for annihilation."

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