Dukkhasaccam Dukkham

Guide 1:
Reverse order style (Paṭiloma): dukkhasaccaṃ dukkhaṃ

Padasodhanavāra means Chapter on purification of words / clarification of terms / definition of terms.

Pada = words / terms.
Sodhana = clarification.
Vāra = chapter.

Guide 2:
Sacca Yamaka Text:
Exposition chapter on Terms (Paṇṇattivāra Niddesa)
Chapter on purification of words/clarification of terms (Padasodhanavāra)
Positive (Anuloma)
1. Dukkhaṃ dukkhasaccanti: āmantā.

Dukkhasaccaṃ dukkhanti:
kāyikaṃ dukkhaṃ cetasikaṃ dukkhaṃ ṭhapetvā avasesaṃ dukkhasaccaṃ, na dukkhaṃ.
Kāyikaṃ dukkhaṃ cetasikaṃ dukkhaṃ dukkhañceva dukkhasaccañca.

Guide 3:
It is suffering. Is it called the truth of suffering? Yes.

It is the truth of suffering. Is it called suffering?
With the exception of bodily suffering and mental suffering, the remaining is the truth of suffering, but not suffering.
Bodily suffering and mental suffering are both suffering and the truth of suffering.

Guide 4:
This second statement, Reverse order style (Paṭiloma), is the 3rd type of question: Paripuṇṇapañhā (question dealing with the complete points, the preceding and the following). Such a question applies to where there the Sanniṭṭhāna (i.e. Dukkhasaccaṃ) is more in dhamma than the Saṃsaya (i.e. dukkha) even some are similar. To that question the answer is to be called Sarūpadassana (answer with classification).

Listen to the Dhamma talks:
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