Magga Maggasacca

Maggo maggasaccanti: maggasaccaṃ ṭhapetvā avaseso maggo, na maggasaccaṃ, maggasaccaṃ maggo ceva maggasaccañca.

Maggasaccaṃ maggoti: āmantā

It is the Path. Is it called the truth of Path?
With the exception of the truth of Path, the remaining is the Path, but not the truth of Path. The truth of Path is both the Path and the truth of Path.

It is the truth of Path. Is it called the Path? Yes.

Magga = all types of path
Maggasacca = only 8 fold noble path (only the 8 mental factors of the magga citta)

5 types of Path:
1. Jaṇgha = knee, leg (walking).
2. Sakata Path = for bullock cart.
3. Micchā Path = wrong path, there are 10 Miccha Paths (micchā ditthi, micchā sankhappa, …. , micchā ñāna, micchā vimutti.)
4. Pañcaṇgika Path = 5 factors (which are 8 path factors excluding the 3 virati.)
5. Atthaṇgika Path = 8 path factors (the 8 mental factors of the mahakusala citta, phala citta, and magga citta)

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