Four Points of Dukkha Dukkhasacca

Four Points of dukkha dukkhasacca:


1. dukkha na dukkhasacca

(only dukkha, not dukkasacca)

There is no dhamma which is only dukkha, not dukkasacca.

2. dukkhasacca na dukkha

(only dukkasacca, not dukkha)

81 lokiya citta, its associated 51 cetasika [excluding lobha cetasika], and 28 rupa.

3. dukkha ceva dukkhasaccañca

(both dukkha and dukkhasacca)

The 2 feeling of displeasure (Domanassa) of Consciousness Rooted in Ill-will or Aversion (Patighasampayuttacittā), and 1 feeling of pain (Dukkha) of Immoral Resultant Consciousness without Roots (Akusala vipāka cittā).

4. na ceva dukkha na ca dukkhasacca

(neither dukkha nor dukkhasacca)

The other three sacca (i.e. samudayasacca, nirodhasacca, maggasacca), magga citta and its 28 associated cetasika [excluding the 8 path factors of magga citta], phala citta and its 36 associated cetasika, and paññatti.

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