Four Points of Magga Maggasacca

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Four Points of magga maggasacca:


1. magga na maggasacca

(only magga, not maggasacca)

1. Jaṇgha magga

2. Sakata magga

3. Micchā magga

4. Pañcaṇgika magga

5.Atthaṇgika magga (8 path factors, which are associated with the mahakusala citta and phala citta.)

2. maggasacca na magga

(only maggasacca, not magga)

There is no dhamma which is only maggasacca, not magga.

3. magga ceva maggasaccañca

(both magga and maggasacca)

8 path factors, which are associated with the magga citta.

4. na ceva magga na ca maggasacca

(neither magga nor maggasacca)

The other three sacca (i.e. dukkhasacca, samudayasacca, nirodhasacca), and paññatti.

Listen to the Dhamma talks:
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