Clarification of Terms - DukkhaSacca

Guide 1:
“Is it the truth of suffering (Dukkhasaccaṃ)?”
What is the truth of suffering (Dukkasaccaṃ)?
The truth of suffering (Dukkasaccaṃ) are 81 lokiya citta, its associated 51 cetasika (excluding lobha cetasika), and 28 rupa.

Guide 2:
1. Dukkhaṃ dukkhasaccanti: āmantā.
1. It is suffering. Is it called the truth of suffering? Yes.

This statement is the 2nd types of question: Pacchāpañhā (question dealing with only following point, that is Saṃsaya)
Such type of question applies to both, Positive form of statement (Anuloma) and Negative form of statement (Paccanīka).
In this question the two points, Sanniṭṭhāna (i.e. Dukkhaṃ) and Saṃsaya (i.e. Dukkasaccaṃ), Sanniṭṭhāna is less (i.e. 3 mental states) and Saṃsaya is more (i.e. 81 lokiya citta, its associated 51 cetasika [excluding lobha cetasika], and 28 rupa) even some dhammas are the same.
To this kind of question the answer is to be called Paṭivacana (answer in admission) that replies āmantā (yes).

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