Samudayo Samudayasacca

Pāḷi Text:
Samudayo samudayasaccanti: samudayasaccaṃ ṭhapetvā avaseso samudayo, na samudayasaccaṃ. Samudayasaccaṃ samudayo ceva samudayasaccañca. Samudayasaccaṃ samudayoti: āmantā.

It is origination. Is it called the truth of origination?
With the exception of the truth of origination, the remaining is origination, but not the truth of origination. The truth of origination is both origination and the truth of origination.

It is the truth of origination. Is it called origination? Yes.

For example,
1. avijja can be called samudaya, but not samudayasacca.
2. sankhara also can be called samudaya, but not samudayasacca.

Samudayasacca is only craving.

Samudaya are 9 mental defilements apart from craving.

Dasa kilesā-lobho, doso, moho, māno, ditthi, vicikicchā, thīnam, uddhaccam, ahirikam, anottappam.

There are ten Impurities (Defilements): 1. Greed, 2. Hate, 3. Delusion, 4. Pride (Conceit), 5. False Views, 6. Doubts, 7. Sloth, 8. Restlessness, 9. Moral Shamelessness, and 10. Moral Fearlessness (unscrupulousness).

Then, the 12 akusala citta and its associated cetasika that arise together with the 9 kilesa, can only be called samudaya, not samudayasacca

Then, the lokiya kusala citta, which are the object of the akusala citta, are also called samudaya.

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